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Act 1 of The 35th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival;Joshua Redman and The Bad Plus

The 35th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival;Joshua Redman and the 'Bad Plus


Spotlight on the opening performance of Joshua Redman and the Bad Plus at the 35th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival.

Joshua Redman and The Bad Plus
Tanya Britt eyesonuphoto

Detroit Jazz Festival
Downtown Detroit
Admission Cost:: Free

Friday was a great day to attend the Detroit Jazz Festival. It was exciting to see the streets of downtown Detroit come to life. The festival drew people from all over the metro area, and beyond, to participate in the festivities. The event marks the beginning of the Labor day weekend and the ending of Summer. The Detroit Jazz Festival celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

Formally known as Detroit International Jazz Festival, this local event is the world's largest jazz festival that is free to the public. Each year it features local, national, and international Jazz entertainers and musicians

Located in the heart of Detroit's downtown, the event has beautiful views of the skyline and the waterfront. Visually it is a beautiful outdoor arena to showcase the best of Detroit and the best in the Jazz World.

The Opening Act on Friday, August 29th, was Bad Plus and Joshua Redman. This year Joshua Redman is Detroit's Artist in Residence. For those who are unfamiliar with these Jazz musicians I have included the following information and the corresponding links.

"The Bad Plus is a jazz trio from the United States, consisting of pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson, and drummer Dave King, originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota." - read more

"Joshua Redman is an American jazz saxophonist and composer.In 1991, he won the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition." - read more

I really enjoyed the concert. Their performances was exceptional and pleasing to ear. The band' performance included the following musical compositions People Like You, which was my personal favorite, Big Eater, and Silence Is The Question.

I found the performances enjoyable . The event was very well organized, and the music seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

For these reasons listed above, I gave the performance by Joshua Redman and the Bad Plus a 5 Star Rating.

Please click on the featured video/slideshow to view images from the Act 1 of the concert. For additional information and to listen to the bands actual songs click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words contained within the article. The music accompanying the video is performed by Joshua Redman.

One drawback that I would like to note is that I was surprised that a wall was set up in the middle of the plaza. The wall blocked the crowds view of the concert from Campus Martius, Campus Martius, which is located in the same courtyard was separated by a structure that appeared to house part of the sound and camera crew.

Personally, I found this wall a nuisance because it divided the plaza and obstructed the view of many in attendance. Many had seating provided by Campus Martius but they could only enjoy the audio of the performances.

Most importantly, because of this wall there were concerns by the volunteer staff that a fire path be kept open. Many who had brought their own collapsible chairs were repeatedly asked to move from the area. And those who were asked to move did so peacefully, but soon their were others who took their place because there was no sign of notification that the area was restricted.

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