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Academy Award nominated Philomena one of the year's best films



Nominated for four Academy Awards, Philomena was one of the year's best films in 2013. Not only was the film nominated for Best Picture, it received nominations for Music - Original Score and Writing - Adapted Screenplay. The brilliant Judi Dench was nominated for Best Actress - Leading Role.

Judi Dench once again turned in an award-worthy performance for her portrayal of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman whose son was taken from her by the Catholic Church and sold for adoption to a couple in the United States.

Based on a true story and the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee written by Martin Sixsmith, the film follows Philomena's quest to locate her son as she reaches her senior years. Aided by journalist Martin Sixsmith, after over fifty years of searching, Philomena is able to track down her son after traveling to the United States.

Wielding judgement wrought with contempt and a lack of compassion, the sisters of the convent in Roscrea, Ireland sold many children for adoption without the birth mothers' initial consent. Philomena Lee was only one of many young mothers whose life was scarred by the indiscretions of a misguided few within the church.

Despite the disturbing fact that the Catholic Church is once again in the spotlight for practicing moral indecency, the captivating story of Philomena's lifelong quest to reunite with her son captures the joy, the beauty, the sadness, and the undeniable power of unconditional mother's love.