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Absolutely Essential Jim Morrison Friends Gathered Together

Jim Morrison Friends Gathered Together looks at Jim Morrison through the eyes and experiences of his friends.
picture by Frank Lisciandro, cover art

Book on Jim Morrison


The perennial question for those who knew Jim Morrison is “what was he like?” Jim’s friends along with The Doors have spent a lifetime answering that question and in “Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered TogetherFrank Lisciandro succeeds magnificently in answering that question and presenting the many facets of Jim Morrison.

In the spring and summer of 1990 Lisciandro, a film school friend of Jim Morrison and Ray Manazarek as well as editor for The Doors documentary “Feast of Friends” and collaborator on Morrison’s film “HWY,” endeavored to talk with and interview on the record Jim Morrison’s friends. These are the interviews that comprise “Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together.”

The interviews in “Friends Gathered Together” were also the raw material for Lisciandro’s 1991 book on Morrison “Feast of Friends.” The question has come up how “Friends Gathered Together” differs from Lisciandro’s ‘91 book? The answer is, “Feast of Friends” is only 178 pages while “Friends Gathered Together” is 376 pages. The interviews in “Friends Gathered Together” are the full, unabridged, unexpurgated (slightly edited, by journalist Steven Wheeler) interviews conducted by Lisciandro in 1991.

Many books mention the different aspects of Jim Morrison, but “Friends Gathered Together,” through the differing viewpoints of the interviewees the reader is able to see the habits, temperament, and eccentricities of Jim Morrison. If you want some insight into Morrison’s personality read the interviews with Phil O’Leno and Rich Linnell, if you want to know what the Sunset Strip scene was like in the 60’s read Ron Alan’s interview, if you’re looking for Jim Morrison, the poet, read Michael McClure’s, what was Pam Courson like on coming back from Paris after Morrison’s death read the interview with Cheri Siddons, what was Jim like as a lover, read the interview with Eva Gardonyi. That’s not to say the interviews aren’t multidimensional, you will find elements of all in every interview, and it is through the commonalties in their reports the reader can bring the picture of Jim Morrison into closer focus.

“Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together” is a great reference book for any Doors/Jim Morrison fan. The look into Jim Morrison‘s personality and life is unparalleled. The interviews are annotated with dates of events that the interviewees’ memories are weak on. I’m sure “Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together” is a book that will be kept close by and referenced regularly.

“Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together” is now available on Amazon for $22.50, and I’ve been told it will soon be available on Kindle and that the e-book version “enhances the book’s layout and design.” Also available at Amazon UK.

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