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Absinthe House is the Ultimate Party House

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Looking for an awesome, massive establishment with an enormous dance-floor, huge rooftop patio and great music? Boulder, Colorado's Absinthe House, located just off Pearl Street is packed with attractive people, outstanding bartenders and of course, an amazing owner. Owned and operated by Mr. Claudio, this young, aggressive and smart business man definitely knows how to run a successful bar. Not only is the place always crowded on any given night (& not too crowded where it sucks), but Claudio, Chris & the rest of his team at Absinthe House ensure that every body in the club is getting tipsy.

Thursday night is ladies night and man do the ladies pack in the house. Accompanied by their boyfriends & gays, the cocktails are flowing and bodies are sweating to the great DJ Shake One or any other of the great dudes spinning. Why are there so many mediocre DJ's that can't mix for shit? The DJ dudes at Absinthe House are looking really good with their headphones on - beats on par & so legit. Tuesday night is now for the gay community and their dolls to dance the night away with Out Boulder's Ultimate Dance Party. Not only is Claudio and the house generous, accepting and down right bad-ass, I saw some members of a very professional sports team in Denver having a great time two weeks ago on this night having no idea what the 'theme' was. Needless to say, it's great time for all fun people to socialize, meet new people and shake their asses to good tunes.

Absinthe House is open Tuesday - Saturday from 4 PM to 2 AM & Sunday's from 4 PM to 10 PM and located @ 1109 Walnut Street right next door to the RAD RIO ROOFTOP.

Cheers & happy dancing!