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Above average underwear from Garcon Model

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Garcon Model underwear


Last month, you were introduced to some pretty fancy underpants from Garçon Model. These undies are the kind that are so striking, so good looking that it is almost a shame to wear pants over them. After a month with them in heavy rotation I am ready to render my verdict.

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The Dodge Boxer and the So:Be Trunk are similar in many ways. Both are made out of the same premium microfiber material and both are intensely colored and both feature one of the nicest waistbands in the business. It is there, however, that the similarities end.

Dodge Boxer

This boxer is generously cut and covers a lot of territory, especially so for something from Garçon Model. Fresh out of the package, the legs look a bit long, but once they are on, the overall look is much more square cut. The fit is snug, but notably comfortable, with the pouch up front providing ample support for the man goodies, and the 82% nylon 18% Elastane microfiber does a great job of wicking moisture and keeping everything cool and dry.

So:Be Trunk

Compared to the Boxer, the Trunk has to accomplish a lot with a lot less material. Luckily, it does so with ease. Unique to this line of bright, brilliant underpants, the Trunk features a U-shaped pouch that is more than supportive. The seam, as well as the contrasting tape that covers the seam, is designed to get behind and under the package and it does a great job of lifting up and presenting the goods. This presentation is further amplified by the bold colors of the So:Be Trunk making this underwear as much about showing off as it is about being a comfortable undergarment.

If there is any problem with Garçon Model underwear, it is the fact that they make you want to show them off to anyone who is even remotely willing to check them out. When getting dressed in the morning, you’ll find yourself considering who, if anyone, might be seeing you in your underwear, and if that person happens to be someone you want to impress, you reach for the Garçon Model. For more information about, or to make a purchase of Garçon Model undies, click here.

**Full disclosure: These undies were provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.