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‘About Last Night’ Turns Up the Laughs

"About Last Night" Stars Kevin Hart and Regina King

About Last Night (2014 film)


While Kevin Hart is featured heavily in the trailer for the Valentine’s Day film, “About Last Night,” co-star Regina Hall, Hart’s love interest, takes it home.

The film, which is a reboot of the Rob Lowe/Demi Moore 80s film of the same, is about two couples in present day Los Angeles looking for love in all the wrong places and trying to make it work.

Hall stars as Joan the sex addict dentist who meets Hart’s Bernie, a restaurant supplies salesman at a bar. After hitting it off sexually from the beginning, the two introduce Joan’s serious businesswoman friend Debbie (Joy Bryant) to Bernie’s co-worker/friend Danny (Michael Ealy). Debbie and Danny are immediately attracted to one another and decide early on to date one another seriously.

The movie brings up the questions:
1. Can Debbie and Danny sustain a relationship after meeting in a bar?
2. Do Joan and Bernie really want a relationship or just great sex?

Regina Hall and Kevin Hart are a laugh a minute with their sexual antics, arguing, and trying to up one another. Hall, who never really gets enough credit for her stellar skills, definitely gives Hart a run for his money with her comedic timing.

Joy Bryant and Michael Ealy on the other hand are BORING. While their characters are supposed to be the more responsible and serious of the two, they played it too straight to the Hall/Hart dynamic. It was like they were in two different movies. The chemistry also seemed a bit lacking between Bryant and Ealy.

For those of you looking for an actual remake of the 80s version, while there are some elements from the original, this is not the movie. However, if you’re looking for a great laugh, great sex, and some romance then check out "About Last Night" this Valentine’s Day 3-day weekend and beyond. The film is rated R for language and sex scenes.

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