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'About Last Night' - It's all Hart for Valentine's Day

Couples from 'About Last Night'
Couples from 'About Last Night'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

About Last Night


Kevin Hart is on a roll. I first took notice of his comedy after seeing him in “Think Like a Man” and have been following him ever since. For the movies he’s been in, he’s literally the comic relief. “RIde Along” wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining without his antics to make things interesting. And “About Last Night” would’ve been another half-hearted romantic comedy that wouldn’t have much romance or comedy at all.

The pairing of Kevin Hart and Regina Hall is incredible. You can barely keep up with their one liners and witty banter. Half the time their quick insults make you wonder if they’re in the middle of a rap battle or are on the verge of getting busy. They love to hate each other and it works. They are funny and fiercely entertaining and if there was a spin-off starring just them, I’d watch.

The rest of the movie is a bit more typical of the rom-com storyline. Two sets of friends turn into two couples until things go south for both of them. Debbie (Joy Bryant) and Danny (Michael Ealy) are the calm to the crazy of Joan (Hall) and Bernie (Hart). But while Bernie and Joan bring the spice, Debbie and Danny barely sizzle. Their relationship seems strained most of the time and while I usually like Michael Ealy, it just didn’t seem like a comfortable fit. Their fast forward relationship is the kind of awkward agony that every new couple fears after passing the honeymoon phase.

But the movie isn’t sappy. Paula Patton is in yet another giggly, pretty role as Danny’s ex Alison and Adam Rodriguez fills in as Debbie’s. Their scenes could’ve been edited and not been missed, which again is a shame since I like them both. Another odd, unnecessary addition is that the whole movie seems to be soundtracked by Bruno Mars.

“About Last Night” is a perfect Valentine’s date movie or one to see single. It’s a laugh fest without any of the raunch or excessive profanity that usually comedies go after. Kevin Hart seems genuine in his role(s), like that’s how he is in real life. He’s the class clown. The annoying, but lovable little brother. He could probably make me laugh just by reading from a menu. He’s got the charisma that can carry a comedy on its shoulders and make it a hit.

Final words: A funny Hart is a Valentine's Day present everyone can enjoy.