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"About Last Night" is hilarious and sweet

About Last Night


About Last Night” (R, 100min) is a romantic comedy about two best guy friends who start dating two best girl friends and the ups and downs of dating, sex, and relationship they go through when life moves forward.

"About Last Night" movie poster

It stars Kevin Hart as Bernie, Michael Ealy as Danny, Regina Hall as Joan, and Joy Bryant as Debbie. Bernie meets Joan and they introduce Danny and Debbie to each other. Let the funny begin.

This is a hilarious movie throughout. Hart and Hall bring out the crazy and keep the audience laughing. Even the serious moments have hints of funny. More than one liners and physical comedy, they remind you of an old married couple that can dish out the best or worst of each other. They have their tearjerker moments, but don't blink or you might miss it.

Ealy and Bryant’s chemistry explodes on screen and layer on the romantic part of rom-com. Their characters’ love is sweet, but not without problems. They do sizzle together, but more than that, makes you pull for their relationship to succeed.

Aside from the obvious relationship issues between the couples, “About Last Night” also touches on friendship, careers, and growing up when you’re all grown up. We get a little back story on Ealy and Bryant’s characters, but not so much on Hart and Hall’s.

The plot is a predictable rom-com outline. They meet, they fall in love, they have problems, they overcome the problems, and cue happy ending. However, it’s not the classic rom-com plot. With dashes and doses of reality, it’s easy to nod and say, “Okay, that’s more like real life” or “That happened to my friend.” Sadly, the ending felt abrupt. It was sweet and short taken literally.

“About Last Night” is appropriately rated R for sexual scenes, language, and brief drug use. This movie is for adults, and a good choice to watch for a fun time. It releases in theaters on Valentine’s Day, just in time for date night.

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