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ABC is for Circus: A shape, color and word adventure

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ABC is for Circus


No matter how you feel about the circus itself, this chunky board book is sure to make you smile. ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby is bold, fresh and full of words, color, shapes and excitement. AMMO Books is known for its unique books, flashy designs and artsy illustrations. ABC is for Circus is no different.

This board book set for ages 4-8 is better for little tots (2-5) the bold illustrations keep the attention, allow the children to focus and stay engaged as each letter of the alphabet is presented. They will learn familiar words (elephants, fireworks, ice cream) and new words (calliope, daredevil, kerchief). Every color of the rainbow is in this book as well, from bold reds, black, white, orange and yellow to the cooler blues, greens, purples. It is a primary and rainbow delight. We also can’t forget shapes this book has all shapes within its artwork, from circles, curves, squares, rectangles to star bursts, crescent moons and rhombus (diamonds/trapezoids). This book can function at the earliest level to the older preschool and kindergarten stages.

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Thanks to Net Galley and AMMO Books for the review of this title.