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ABC Family's The Fosters ideal for a family-themed show

ABC Family's The Fosters


The discussion surrounding ABC Family’s The Fosters continues. The one-hour drama produced by Jennifer Lopez about a lesbian couple raising biological and adopted children together portrays diversity and equality in a unique way. It raises awareness about the needs of foster children and youth and brings a new face to who can adopt from foster care.

ABC Family’s The Fosters brings a new dynamic to television. The multiethnic combination of biological and adoptive children as well as the relationship of the biracial parents is an excellent representation of what families of today look like. There is an authenticity that has been missing in many other family-based programs. The depth of the relationships and the compelling storyline opens the minds of the show’s audience.

ABC Family’s The Fosters is a paradigm for same-sex foster and adoptive parents, heterosexist cynics and hopeful children waiting for their forever families. It portrays heterosexual supporters of same-sex parenting as well.

The show revolves around Stef and Lena, a lesbian couple co-parenting adopted twins Jesus and Mariana and Stef’s biological son Brandon. Lena is passionate about “saving” children and convinces Stef to bring two more children into their home with Callie and her younger sibling Jude. The myriad of topics for ABC Family’s The Fosters are seemingly endless due to the complexity and early development of each of the shows characters.

ABC Family’s The Fosters handles tough subject matter carefully. Difficult situations are managed through discussion rather than avoidance. Each member of the household is encouraged to share emotions and experiences—ideal for a family-themed show.

The fact that there is a stigma attached to ABC Family’s The Fosters makes this program worthwhile for adoptive parents and others. It portrays various social issues with reverence and shows the family working together to overcome obstacles. Because the Fosters are different, there is a strong likelihood struggles will continue to surface and entertain viewers indefinitely.