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A weekend getaway turns to terror with ‘In Fear’

In Fear


One of the coolest things about the horror genre is that there are so many different directions it takes you that sometimes you are not quite sure what you are getting into. The latest, In Fear is one of those films that the trailers imply a couple of different directions it could go, but never totally lets you know. Could this be one that lives up to the fear it implies or should it have been left out in the woods?

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Anchor Bay

In Fear follows a couple eager to set out on their first weekend getaway as a couple. They set off for a planned stay at a remote hotel but quickly find themselves getting lost in a maze of backwoods roads. However they soon discover that they are at the mercies of an unknown tormentor that is eager to take advantage of their vulnerability and distance from civilization. This film does a lot of things right, but also sadly fumbles a bit along the way. The story has a good slow build that keeps you wondering on what direction it is heading, but once it finally gets there you are still not quite sure. It never tries to over complicate things and allows their surroundings to do most of the work at setting the creepy tone. Once it manages to get you nice and confused about what is going on they start throwing a couple of curveballs your way to turn things up a notch. It’s pretty clear on some things here where they are heading, but they do their best to try and build it up. When things start getting to the meat of it all and starts to reveal what is happening it manages to make things a bit more intense.

At this point in the film it goes from being a mystery and a full on run for their life with one great twist that makes some of the more slow moments worth the time. This isn’t a gory film by any means, with just a little bit of blood, but instead plays with your inner fear. In Fear is not always that effective but manages to make for a decent rental for anyone that likes a different kind of horror film. Those looking for over the top kills and free flowing blood will be highly disappointed, but if you just let it play out you may have a good time.

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