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A Song from There - Daniel Szabo, Peter Erskine & Edwin livingston

A Song From There - Daniel Szabo, Peter Erskine & Edwin Livingston


The latest collaboration from Daniel Szabo, Peter Erskine & Edwin Livingston is titled: A Song From There. It features Szabo on piano, Erskine on drums and Livingston on bass. It is the first trio album that Szabo has released in the United States. This album shows the influences of jazz, classical and Eastern European folklore have had on Daniel Szabo. He grew up in Hungary and his parents were musicians. He started playing piano at age four.

Ironically there was another musician with the last name Szabo that was from Budapest, Hungary. His name was Gabor Szabo and he passed away in 1982. Gabor Szabo was a guitarist and played a mixture of jazz, folk and rock. Daniel Szabo blends his tremendous piano playing skills along with Erskine's great work on drums and Livingston's solid work on bass. This makes for a well rounded and enjoyable sound. The trio has made a good impression on me and I believe that other listener's will feel the same way.

There are some songs that stand out on this project including: A Song from There, Eastynato, Hun-Fro Blues, Barbaro Con Brio and Kid's Dance. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD and I look forward to more great things from Daniel Sazabo in the near future. If you want to get more information on him, log on to his website