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Lavender Vows cover art
Lavender Vows cover art Copyright Avid Press

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Lavender Vows by Colleen Gleason is an historical romance set in the same world as her Medieval Herb Garden series. This story concerns Bernard of Derkland whose father takes the opportunity of a wedding to suggest it’s time for his son to marry. But the lady his father wishes him to marry isn’t the woman who catches his eye. Instead, he finds himself enamored of Lady Joanna.

The problem there, however, is that Lady Joanna is married. Joanna herself has a problem with this marriage in that her husband isn’t the nicest of gentlemen. In fact, he takes offense to almost every word out of her mouth, and beats her frequently. The only reason he’s allowed her to come to this wedding is in hopes she will lead him to a treasure said to be buried in the castle’s catacombs somewhere.

Will Joanna and Bernard find a way to make their own happiness? Or are they doomed forever to live at someone else’s choosing?

At seventy-one pages, this was a short novella but sweet, leaving little room for the vast view of the Medieval period I would’ve liked to see in a period romance. But all in all, I enjoyed it and I found myself rooting for Bernard, despite the fact that his beloved was married. If you’re a fan of Medieval romances and looking for something to fill a rainy afternoon, I think you might enjoy Colleen Gleason's Lavender Vows. If you’d like to try it out, it’s currently available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, and Kobo.