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A Review of "There Goes Gravity - a life in rock and roll" by Lisa Robinson

"There Goes Gravity - a life in rock and roll"

There Goes Gravity - a life in rock and roll by Lisa Robinson


Most books that claim to be about Rock and Roll and the people that make it are usually written by authors who have no idea what it means to live that life and love that music. Lisa Robinson, author of “There Goes Gravity – a life in Rock and Roll” is not one of them.

Beginning in the early 1970’s, Lisa Robinson was one of the first female journalists to travel with the likes of "The Rolling Stones” and “Led Zeppelin”. Quickly earning their trust, she had unprecedented access to all the backstage antics that have since become legend.

As a respected rock journalist, Lisa Robinson has been a contributing editor at Vanity Fair for over 10 years and has written many of their major music pieces, as well as, producing all their music issues. Prior to that, she was a longtime columnist for the New York Post and editor of several rock magazines.

Over the years, she has bared witness to drug abuse, sexual proclivities and fan interaction among some of the biggest names in the business. From the outrageous New York rock scene of the early 70’s and 80’s including Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and the New York Dolls straight through to Eminem, Lady Gaga and Jay Z, Lisa Robinson has interviewed them all.

But, “There Goes Gravity” is a lot more than a rock music “tell-all”. It is a history book, of sorts, from someone who was there; not someone who knew someone who told someone else they were there. Lisa Robinson doesn’t just re-hash all the old gossip that even mild rock enthusiasts have already heard, she gets to the heart and soul of rock and roll and the people who created it.

From Muddy Waters and the great Mississippi Delta blues musicians that almost every British band that made the journey across the pond emulated and imitated up to the modern day musicians that have been called innovative and original, “There Goes Gravity” gives credit where credit is due. It is more than a tribute to rock and roll; it is homage to what came before.

As a rock and roll insider for over four decades, the author’s insight and knowledge of music elevates “There Goes Gravity – a life in Rock and Roll” from your standard, run-of-the-mill, behind-the-scenes expose into a series of wonderful stories told by someone who, not only, knows of what she speaks, but loves the people, places and talent that have crossed her path for all these years.

Containing iconic pictures from some of the greatest rock and roll photographers of their day (such as Annie Leibovitz, Bob Gruen and Leee Black Childers) “There Goes Gravity” is a must read for every rock and roll fan on the planet.

Long live Rock and Roll!

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