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A review of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table


You may have seen one of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table (550) promoted on television. You may have wondered what it is, what it does and why you would want to buy it this $300 product.

An inversion table’s purpose is to help relieve back pain by reducing pressure on you spine. It also is supposed to relieve stress and increase circulation. This Teeter Hang Ups comes with a 14-minute video, which I recommend you watch and a book about inversion called, Teeter Hang Ups Better Back Better Body Book.

You get a piece of equipment that weighs 62 pounds and measures 45 inches x 28 inches x 58 inches. The Teeter Hang Ups is manually controlled versus some that work electronically.

The way the Teeter works is by shifting your arms. The weight of your moving arms rotates the table to various angles. The fact that hanging upside down or that you will look just plain weird might seem uncomfortable to you.

The maximum weight of the user should be no more than 300 pounds. Teeter Hang Ups have auto locking hinges. What these do is lock the cot-type bed to the frame of the table. The mat that you lie on is made of nylon and is washable. Teeter Hang Ups folds up nicely and easily so you can store this in a closet or a corner.

I like the handles on the Teeter, which are important in order to get on and off safely. Before we even get on the Hang Ups, we are going to adjust a strap that is at the back of the machine. Since you are new at this I am going to set the strap so you cannot invert to 90 degrees. The Hang Ups allows you to hang totally upside down but I would not recommend it until you are comfortable with the table. There are also adjustable roller hinges. Before we even get on the table we can select one of three levels of how fast we want to rotate. We are going to pick the slowest and easiest. Now we get on the Hang Ups. We do this by standing on a platform while the machine is straight up. There are two rollers at the base of the machine. We will put our feet behind the rollers, pull out a pin and slip our heels into "cups."

Once in place we slide the rollers back, put the pin in and we are secure. We are then going to lift an arm and the table will move. It moves quietly and smoothly. This is a nice, well, made machine. The parts seem durable and strong.

It has a 5-year warranty and it can be returned within 30 days if you do not like it.

I really like inversion tables. Teeter’s is a really well made one. I really like the way I feel after I’ve been on it. I seem to never be able to stretch enough. I also seem to never be able to relax enough. I have found that after using the Hang Ups I feel relaxed and my spine feels wonderful. I have seen an improvement in my aches and pains. If you are someone who loves to stretch, if you go to the gym and hang onto the chin up bar to stretch your body, if you are someone with back pain or circulation problems, I would highly recommend the Hang Ups by Teeter.

Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program. With an inversion table special precautions need to be taken. If you have heart or blood pressure problems or any medical condition please do not even get on the Hang Ups without talking to your doctor first.

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