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A review of The State Indian Museum

The sign at the State Indian Museum
The sign at the State Indian Museum
Kathryn Reynolds

State Indian Museum


The State Indian Museum is dedicated to displaying the heritage of the Native Americans in California. Many cultural items are displayed, including baskets, ceremonial items, beadwork, and hunting tools. These items come from all over California. Some of the items in the museum are more than 2400 years old! There are also many photographs on display, and an interactive section where you can experience Native American tools.

Additionally, the museum will occasionally hold events. For example, during each weekend in November, the museum participates in Native American Heritage Month. They have film screenings, skill workshops, and book talks. These events are usually free with admission, and they are well worth attending. You can check what events are coming up at the museum’s Facebook page.

Also worth noting is the museum’s gift shop. It has a huge collection of books on Native Americans, as well as many handmade crafts. With items that range from toys to music to jewelry, you’re bound to find something you like.

The State Indian Museum is small compared to some of the other museums in Sacramento. It can feel a bit cramped when there are a lot of people, so it’s best to try to go when there won’t be too many other visitors.

The museum is located very close to Sutter’s Fort, so if you’re visiting one you should definitely check out the other! More information about the museum is available at their website.

Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily
Admission: $2-$3
Location: 2618 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
Parking: Metered street parking
No photography allowed