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A review of 'The Return of The King' by The Royal Royal

The Return of the King by The Royal Royal


Musical partnership between siblings is always something delightful. In contemporary Christian music, we have a few of those type-bands/groups one of such being the well loved "For King and Country."

Album art for 'The Return of the King' by The Royal Royal
The Royal Royal

Enter - Nathan and Gabriel Finochio.

Making up the duo The Royal Royal are brothers Nathan and Gabriel Finochio. The brothers lead worship together, and are creating the new sound of worship music for the church today and the church of the future. While their music is innovative and progressive, the lyrics and message speak of ancient biblical truths.

The Royal Royal impresses with their new album "The Return Of The King" which drops March 4, 2014.

In "The Return Of The King" they experiment with sounds bringing about freedom in creativity. The presence of God is tangible in their offering, and the goodness of God well portrayed.

"The Lights" is the first track of the album, and it so happens it is my very first impression of the duo. They brothers says that this song was an accidental tune, but the performance and arrangement doesn't depict that as it turns out to be pretty interesting and almost whimsical making "The Lights” a great album opener.

"Every Bit Of Praise" and "Holding On (University)" samples smooth old school soft-rock vibes. These tunes which will take listeners unawares. The unconventional tunes extols God and promises safety in Jesus respectively.

Bringing things back to present times, The Royal Royal playfully celebrate newness in Christ in "You Make Me New." In as much as this tune is hip, they still manage to bring in some unexpected edginess.

Taking us back in time to the 80s they reiterate God's love in “Find Me.” "This one is a devotional song that comes out of the day-in day-out calling on God. The posture of Christian living is utter dependence, an audible dependence, on the God of all life.” Finochio commented.

"The Answer" has one of the best arrangements on the album, the harmonization and synth are also an added dynamic to the tune. The tune which focuses on the redemptive power of Christ is modern worship at its best.

In tender guitar-driven songs like "Real Strength" The Royal Royal get to display their vocal abilities and rawness. "Real Strength" feels like a John Mayer song, and who doesn't love that kind of music? They songs comprise of lyrics that portray the strength and power of God. According to them, this song is for those who have purposed in their hearts to make God their source, and this song is for God to draw you to Himself. We pray that our generation be one that can see and move beyond the emptiness and confusion of modernity, with its constant distractions that try to fill our anxious souls, and into the presence of our living hope, Jesus Christ.

While they get to display their love for the guitar as they sing praises to God in “Great.” In “Shine,” the presentation is uniquely different as the lead instrument is the piano which is a diversion from the usual guitar heard on the rest of the album.

The last song of the album "Light The Fire" is quiet electronic yet organic. The tune is an electronic worship number which actually came out great; songs like this are either great or disastrous.

Their authenticity and individuality rigs all over the record. This album is tasteful, sometimes whimsical yet serious. They experimented in this record leaving their comfort zone so for that I applaud them.
They fearlessness in their musical style sometimes overshadows their vocal abilities; however, in songs like "Real Strength" and "Shine" we get to hear The Royal Royal's vocal styling.

I am still confused on why they titled the album "The Return of The King" or what the title has to do with the theme of the record which is clearly that of worship in unconventional and diversified ways while focusing on God and heart. Maybe I will find out when I interview them.

I know it is very presumptuous to say this as we haven't neared the second quarter of the year, but I am sure "The Return Of The King" will make it in my list of 2014 favorite albums.

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