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A review of the Hypnotic Joy Sigil Launcher by Andrieh Vitimus

Hypnotic Joy Sigil Launcher


Bright Blessings of the Day to you and yours.

Today, we take a look at the Hypnotic Joy Sigil Launcher created by Andrieh Vitimus. You may be familiar with this world famous magician, who is faculty at Peter Carroll’s Arconorium College and the Founder of the Quantum Life Science Institute. The launcher comes with instructions for how to make the sigil itself and an accompanying MP3 file that allows the user to activate it. In the spirit of full disclosure, this writer must state that both materials were provided without cost for review.

Firstly, a look at the instructions on creating the sigil. These come from the book Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation Through the Ovayki Current. Step by step, the author takes the client through how to identify goals accurately, how to define the magical intention, and how to tailor the work for maximum effect. Detailed examples are given in order to facilitate a really good grasp on the technique involved in creating a personalized sigil. Explanation in plain talk is a valuable marker of a book that is going to be used rather than be a dust barrier on a shelf somewhere, and this is a fine example of why this is a keeper.

Secondly, there is the MP3 audio file itself. Again, no fluff or filler here. This is a well structured and executed journey that takes the listener along the series of steps necessary to both activate, and then release, the energy that they have stored into the Joy Sigil they have created. Mr. Vitimus carefully guides the listener into themselves and allows them to use his voice as the catalyst for their own actualization of their desires. Correct form and tone ensure a continuity of consciousness that assists the listener in going into, and out of, the necessary trance state needed to perform the operation.

Lastly, as a combination, these two components create a tool that is both effective and timeless. The cost of the program is very low in comparison to the knowledge gained, and retained, by the instructive materials included. The price being set a $14.99 is competitive with the market and worth every penny.

A testimonial on the site states:

"This is a wonderful tool for any situation in which you might not be able to physically burn a positive sigil with fire. I can imagine using this audio on a plane, in the office, or even in the shower. A must have for any practitioner's mobile device or mp3 player" ---Teighe"

I must agree.

I give this a hearty 5 Tasty Pentacle Cookies up.


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