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A Review of "The Execution" by Dick Wolf

A Review of "The Execution" by Dick Wolf

A Review of "The Execution" by Dick Wolf


“The Execution” by Dick Wolf, best-selling author and creator of TV’s “Law & Order” is exactly what you think it would be; a hard-core cop novel written by a man who knows his subject.

A follow-up to “The Intercept”, the first in his Jeremy Fisk series, this fast-paced and fascinating novel touches on everything from international terrorism to Mexican drug cartels in a way that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting for more.

It’s United Nations Week in NYC and for Detective Jeremy Fisk of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division, just back from a horrifying terrorism incident that claimed the woman he loved, work includes riding a desk as he makes sure visiting dignitaries get where they have to go and are safe when they arrive. Unfortunately, the bad guys have other plans for the week including multiple be-headings and the possible assassination of a foreign president.

Adding to the chaos and mayhem that follows this mass murder is the presence of Cecilia Garza, a beautiful dark-haired woman working in a typical man’s world as the lead investigator for the Mexican Intelligence Agency. Her no-nonsense, tough as nails persona precedes her, but Cecilia has a reason for her coldness; a tragedy from her past that just might come back and rear its ugly head.

Thrown together, Fisk and Garza combine to make a formidable duo despite their individual problems and history. Working with the benefit of the entire NYPD Intelligence Unit, these two cops set out to find a mysterious and ruthless killer known only as the “Hummingbird”. But, time is running out. The Mexican President refuses to change his plans and the US President is on his way to meet him.

Filled with twists and turns, “The Execution” is a roller-coaster ride using fascinating characters, real life drama and today’s headlines to excite and entertain the reader.

As he so successfully achieved in his award winning “Law & Order”, Dick Wolf uses his extensive knowledge of police procedures and the inner workings of the NYPD to weave a well-written, suspenseful and engaging story that is bound to leave you breathless.


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