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A review of the 2014 Environmental Film Festival free screening of GMO OMG

Elizabeth Kucinich was also the Executive Producer for GMO OMG
Photo by Jason Kempin



The 2014 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital featured GMO OMG on Sunday, March 23, 2014 at the Carnegie Institution of Science in Washington, DC. This agriculture and food production documentary was written and directed by 'concerned father' Jeremy Seifert and executive produced by Elizabeth Kucinich, Policy Director of the Center for Food Safety and wife of the former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, avid supporter of non-GMO policies and projects. Chipotle, the mexican fast food chain, is also involved with this and other agriculture and food production projects and movies. Joshua Brau, their representative was at the screening as well as the Kucinichs, for a post screening Q & A session.

The documentary educates and brings awareness of the need for people to take action wherever they are in the United States. It clearly demonstrates how GMO 'food' is routinely eaten by everyone, especially children. Mr. Seifert's own wife and children were regular participants and were shown in various scenes eating snacks, desserts and meals which many would consider to be normal eats. It showed in a humorous way how children generally don't care whether these foods are GMO or what it may do to them in the future and their vulnerability because of how good the stuff tastes.

What does this have to do with breast cancer? There has been some research to determine the long term effects of eating GMO foods and one of the concerns is whether it causes breast tumors. Even though it has been shown to cause tumors in rats, it has not been directly linked to humans as of now but people need to be mindful of all possible risk factors.

Please take the time to view the short trailer at the link above which has some of the more revealing scenes. This powerful movie is among those recommended food movies suggested in the link below. Look for it to be released soon on Netflix and itunes.

The screening was announced through GMO Need to Know Maryland, a group. If you are in the DMV area and especially in Maryland, please join them in this food and agriculture production empowerment journey. More info is on a related website, Need to Know Maryland.