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A review of 'Passporter's Free-Book' for Disney World

The cover of the Passporter's Free-Book for Walt Disney World

Passporter's Free-Book


When it comes to Disney World guide books, there are many out there. Passporter's is well known for having comprehensive, high quality guides, and they've begun to branch out and offer some specialized guides as well. One of these is the Free-Book, with the subtitle "a guide to free and low-cost activities at Walt Disney World."

Overall this is a really handy guide for a certain type of visitor. The subtitle is much more accurate than the title, because while there are a good amount of free things mentioned, at least half of the ideas and tips in the book are actually low-cost activities or ways to save money rather than things that are completely free.

It's also not ideal for people that are visiting Disney World for the first time or only have a limited amount of time and are intent on visiting the the four main parks. Because the free and low-cost stuff that you can find around Disney isn't really in the parks themselves, it's around the resorts and other areas such as Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk.

What this guide is great for is people that have a longer period of time to spend in Disney and are looking for some cheaper alternatives to going to the park every day, or people that have been to the parks plenty of times and would like to discover other fun things to do that won't cost them a fortune. What's also nice is that it has ideas for things you can do at home to prepare for your trip that don't cost much money either, and even ways to earn Disney gift cards or tips for saving money that you can then put toward a Disney vacation.

The second half of the book has short essays about saving money and other tips, and this seems to be where the real value of this book is. These sections go into a lot of detail and have tons of visitor tips that you may not have thought of before, even if you've been going to Disney for awhile! It's impressive to see some of the ways that people have saved money or found ways to still have a great Disney trip for less, even if they do get carried away at times. This quote, from one of the essays, is a bit extreme and could turn off people that don't visit Disney on a regular basis and are just looking for some money-saving tips: "Saving for a vacation at Walt Disney World may sound like a luxury and for some it is, but for some it is absolutely necessary. It is absolutely necessary for me at least every six months." The word necessary may not be entirely appropriate here, but the book does get across the general idea that saving for a Disney vacation is within reach for many people, not just the rich.

The book is a slim and easy read, and definitely worthwhile if you're looking to save money. If you're interested in giving it a read, visit the Passporter website to order a copy. You can get it for $10.16 as a paperback or $5.95 as an e-book.

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