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A review of House Beer in Los Angeles

House Beer


In the surging sea of new microbrew beer it's hard to find a brand that seeks to distinguish itself by taking on the big brands rather than simply making a unique beer, but House Beer based in Santa Monica is doing just that. With cans that match the simply pleasing aesthetic of a Budweiser or Pabst Blue Ribbon, House seems to seek competition with them on the field of taste as well, offering a better crafted option from the big leagues that's lighter than it's often overly hoppy or heavy microbrew cousins.


Look past the slick branding and quest for authenticity and House Beer is, essentially, a slightly hoppier more robust Budweiser. It's pretty easy to drink, if not exactly memorable, but it is after all a lager which is a microbrew novelty all on it's own. Due to how meticulous one must be to craft a lager in the first place it's often the staple of juggernauts like Budweiser and Coors, and so it's respectable that House has chosen to meet them on their own turf and provide a product that at least matches them in taste if not in price.

And that's where House Beer falters slightly. It occupies a strange liminal space, being that it's a bit more pricey than Bud or Coors but less expensive than pretty much any other microbrew out there. Do you care strongly about taste but not about price or vice versa? If you're like most people and fall into either camp you will most likely discount House Beer as a luke warm option taste wise and ignore it.

This makes it the most viable in places where the prices are truly ridiculous and many people won't be caught with a "crass" brew like Bud. Welcome West Los Angeles, where House Beer can be found in a slew of various bars, clubs, restaurants and dives. Not yet in a supermarkets, House Beer is worth a shot in it's native territory as a cheaper (or more tasteful) option. Or at least as a palate cleanser.