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A review of "48 Days to the work you love" by Dan Miler

48 Days by Dan Miller


Dan Miller masterfully provides job seekers, career changers and new professionals a comprehensive tool kit to create your plan. The book is an easy read but the work comes in taking action. There are simple ways to use his site to jump start your engagement.

The biggest benefit is having a career coach at an affordable price. Dan has dedicated his life to helping others make deliberate decisions to land the best job. It is no get rich quick or easy is 48 Days, not 48 minutes. The stories are inspirational and not cheesy. Real people developing a real plan to get a job in this competitive market.

The only detriment to 48 Days book and the website is the volume of emails you receive when you sign up. Be sure to manage the preference for the desired amount of contact. They are very responsive.

Every job seeker can benefit from Dan Miller and 48 Days in some regard. It takes an emotionally charged topic and provides a direct plan to achieve your career goals. His plan is sustained and understandable. Take advantage of all the free information and features on the site. It is worth it.