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A resource for Chicagoland gardeners

Incredible red, puffball blossoms make theseideal for containers and flower beds with full to part sun. Heat and drought tolerant.
Incredible red, puffball blossoms make theseideal for containers and flower beds with full to part sun. Heat and drought tolerant.
National Garden Bureau, Inc.

National Garden Bureau, Inc.


The National Garden Bureau, Inc.. is an excellent resource for Chicagoland gardeners. Founded in 1920, gardeners will love their mission:

Gaillardia 'Punch Bowl' F1
National Garden Bureau, Inc.

To improve the quality of life and the environment through increased use of seeds and plants.

That said resources available on the website include:

  • Over 100 varieties of new plants, including vegetables, annuals, herbs, grasses and perennials
  • Stunning plant photography
  • Year of the... 2012 is the Year of the Geranium, Year of the Heuchera and Year of the Herbs. The website has complete information on growing, sowing, harvesting and enjoying these wonderful plants.
  • Free subscriptions to the E-newsletter, full of timely, interesting tips
  • Links to an exhaustive list of gardening blogs, publications and more

Be sure to check out some of the new annuals for 2012 include these stunning varieties:

  • Gaillardia 'Punch Bowl' F1, by W. Atlee Burpee & Co. features amazingly beautiful pink flowers with frilly edges in white.
  • Gaillardia 'Sundance Red' (Gaillardia pulchella) from Botanical Interests has these incredible red, puffball blossoms.
  • Marigold 'Bonanza Deep Orange' (Tagetes patula) has a clear deep color. In the garden, the plants keep performing through boughts of cold, frost and heat.
  • Vinca Jams 'N Jellies Blackberry (Catharanthus rosea). This unique, velvety deep purple with white eye flower color will add excitement to summer gardens. In some settings, the flower petals appear almost black, making this color work beautifully in Americana color schemes and in combination with blue, pink, white or lavender.
  • Osteospermum '3D™ Pink' (Osteospermum ecklonis) from Ball Horticultural Co/PanAmerican Seed is a completely new dimension of flower! Its vivid, double blooms stay open all day and night for high-impact garden appeal.
  • Gerbera 'Jaguar™ Tangerine Dark Center' (Gerbera jamesonii) displays up to five neon orange blooms at once!
  • Dahlia 'XXL Veracruz' (Dahlia hybrid). Just as its name suggests, this is a large-flowered dahlia, with blooms boasting almost half a foot in diameter.
  • Petchoa SuperCal 'Pink Ice' (Petchoa hybrid). SuperCal 'Pink Ice' offers gardeners the best of both Calibrachoa and Petunia. It holds up well in all types of weather.
  • Verbena 'Lanai® Twister Pink' (Verbena hybrid) is truly unique with pink and white bicolor flowers.