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A refreshing summer wine doesn't have to be light

Un-Oaked Pinot Gris
Alison Brooks

River Road Un-Oaked Pinot Gris


There really is nothing better than gathering outside with friends on a hot summer night. A plate of cheeses and meats and of course, wine. The very brave will pour a glass of red wine and warm up even more. Others will gladly crack open a bottle of chilled white wine in hopes of cooling the body while warming the soul.

Pinot Gris is the perfect hot weather. sit outside, munch on cheeses and meats wine. The body alone is what counts. It's not too heavy, but also not too light and it is refreshing and crisp. For some, the idea of a heavy full bodied wine (white or red) is just not appetizing. Pinot Gris is grown world wide and in each region the wine is different. Generally, Italian Pinot Grigio's can be on the lighter side - while Washington State and Oregon Pinot Gris tend to have a little more body to them. Pinot Gris from California are more light to medium bodied.

California is home to some fabulous wine regions, like the Russian River Valley. The perfect microclimate for growing Pinot Gris. River Road Family Vineyards and Winery produced a wonderful mouthwatering Pinot Gris. The best part, it is un-oaked. "Elegant" is an understatement when trying to describe this wine. Honeysuckle and mango a wonderful aroma fill the glass when swirled. The first sip is pleasantly crisp and refreshing. Orange on the palate with a hint of green apple on the finish. Smooth and well balanced acidity. Truly the perfect summer sipping wine. Russian River Pinot Gris is bound to refresh your palate on a warm summer night. And it's priced well enough to be your "go to" wine through Labor Day.

Total Wine & More $13.99