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A Randall Returns finds love in the sheriff’s office

“A Randall Returns” by Judy Christenberry  finds love in the sheriff's office.
“A Randall Returns” by Judy Christenberry finds love in the sheriff's office.
Photo by Jamie Squire

“A Randall Returns” by Judy Christenberry


“A Randall Returns” by Judy Christenberry is a part of the Men in Uniform series of romance novels published by Harlequin Books. The series is written by a variety of authors. Other than having a hero that wears some kind of uniform, the books are a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to content. There’s no standard of what to expect. This one turned out to be tastefully written, with a casual attitude toward sex.

Dr. Caroline Randall has put off coming home to Wyoming for four years. An accident caused scarring in her womb, and doctors have predicted that she will never have children. The Randalls are such a big and loving family, that she is afraid this difference will make her feel unwelcomed and outcast by the small town of Rawhide. But, after her fiancée dumps her to marry another woman, she packs it up and moves back home.

Mike Davis is the new sheriff in town. He took the job when his Uncle Bill decided to move to Arizona and retire. He has experience as an MP, and wants to keep his men in shape. He decides to start a new workout program for the deputies.

The story is nicely written. The love scenes are tastefully described. The plot has a few surprises. The characters are likeable for the most part. The main message is that having a physical flaw doesn’t make a person “damaged goods” or unlovable.

While I disagreed with Mike’s idea that they should have sex in order to decide if they want to continue dating each other, the author used the event in an unusual way. The story contains a few swear words that, in my opinion, were not sufficiently motivated, and could have been left out.

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