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A plan that will change your life

Eat real food
Eat real food
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Healthy living diet plan


You Are What You Eat – the plan that will change your life by Gillian McKeith has already had more than 2 million copies sold worldwide. If you haven’t yet read it, and have a goal or resolution for 2012 to improve your health and/or your physique, this may be the answer for you.

A symptomatical tour of your body in chapter two presents a clear view of how any health issues refer back to one’s diet, and how healthful diet changes bring about healthy changes in the body.

Each symptom includes suggested remedy’s – simple, natural, easily obtainable and sustainable “treatments” to eradicate the symptom and create a healthier environment for the future plan to avoid the re-occourance of the condition causing the symptom.

A seven day jumpstart plan, likely to cause you to feel so energized, hopeful and healthful, that you, like hundereds of thousands of others, be ready to check the last chapter called “The Next Level”, and then to make those healthy solutions a lifestyle.

If you enjoy the results from the 7-day plan in You Are What You Eat, and want to make it a habit (21-28 days) and prefer a detailed schedule to accomplish that, check out reviews for Slim for Life - McKeith's habit-forming diet-for-life plan:

Slim for Life -

Slim for Life is McKeith’s 28-day plan for “flushing away bad habits and establishing a new approach to food and nutrition. It will guide you day by day to keeping a food diary, interpreting ingredient labels creating a diet profile, adding detox foods to your diet, and cooking enticing and healthy meals.

Slim for Life includes recipes, an emergency plan, and quick daily suggestions to aid in healthful eating, digestion, and slimming your body.