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A Place for Pets, Burien WA

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A Place for Pets retail pet and pet supply store


I admit it, we are a pet-friendly family to the core! Over the years we have cared for horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pure-bred Great Danes, assorted Heinz 57 dogs, numerous cats, an outdoor koi pond, and a 100 gallon saltwater reef tank. Oh, and one very elderly frog.

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Our household currently hosts a much smaller menagerie of indoor and outdoor cats and still that very elderly frog who is still quite spry! But I digress...

Recently one of our cats seemed to develop a sensitivity to grains in his food, so we researched a grain-free diet for him. This led us to our local pet store, A Place for Pets, in search of a new cat food. After receiving assistance from two very friendly and knowledgeable staff members, we decided on a bag of Taste of the Wild grain-free cat food. This is where our little foray into grain-free cat food gets interesting...

We researched other stores and online suppliers for our chosen feline sustenance to see if we could perhaps find it at a cheaper price at one of those big chain stores or warehouse-type places. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that our little small-town pet store offered a competitive price even lower than many of the other retailers we studied. So much for those large impersonal chain stores always offering the best price deals!

In the end, we offer our thanks to the staff at A Place for Pets for their excellent service, and if you are ever in Old Burien we recommend you check out this great little store for your pet supply needs! (Or just spend some time oogling their really awesome assortment of fish, birds, and cuddly critters!)

A Place for Pets is located at:
431 SW 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166-2208
206 . 244 . 3502