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A Place for Meat Lovers

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Picnic Garden


Summer months are the best times of the year to have a barbecue gathering. When one thinks of barbecue, most people probably think of American style hot dogs and hamburgers. Another type of barbecue called Korean barbecue, Gogigui, Korean method of roasting beef, pork, chicken, or other types of meat. These dishes are often prepared at the table on gas or charcoal grills that are built into the table. The most popular Korean BBQ is bulgogi, made from thickly sliced beef sirloin or tenderloin, or galbi, marinated beef short ribs.

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Picnic Garden is a restaurant where you combine the best of both worlds, Korean BBQ and all you can eat, it should be on every meat lover’s “to do” list. The restaurant has a simple and functional design. The eating area has tables with built in gas grills, each table has three long sides of bench-style seating. The seating style is great for groups. On the other side of the seating area is the buffet station where you can grab as many types of meats you would like to grill. There is the standard chicken, beef, pork, bulgogi, galbi, all deliciously marinated. A really great place for meat lovers. If you are more adventurous, there is also squid, intestine, chicken gizzards, and cow hearts. An appetizer station is located next to the meat station, it has many of the Korean side dishes such as scallion pancakes, dumplings, kimchi, japchae, fried rice, and many more. In case all the meat and sides are not enough to fill your stomach, they also have different selections of hot soups, seaweed soup, beef radish and miso soups.

The staff is very helpful and efficient, they rotate around to all the tables, helping you cut the meat into smaller pieces so they will cook faster. The staff will often change the grill grates when needed. They are very friendly and attentive to your needs. The ventilation is also very good, not like some of other Korean restaurants, where your cloths will smell like Korean BBQ after you come out of the restaurant. It is a great place bring your family and friends for a large gathering, they have a separate seating area for large parties.

Come visit Picnic Garden, Make sure to come in with a hungry stomach and you will not be disappointed!