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A Pervert's Guide to Ideology, a documentary about us.

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A Pervert's Guide to Ideology


Slavoj Zizek is the voice of a large group of people opposing the common ideology of today. With this, his second documentary regarding cinema, he really irons in his point about the world in which we live. He discusses topics varying from Fascism, psycho-analytic desire, the nature of enjoyment, and something called the "Big Other." The most interesting thing about his new documentary that runs over two hours long, is the constant engagement in his point. While it is just him talking for an extended period of time, he makes use of film to add credibility to his point.

While Zizek's overall theme is evident throughout, he has a clever use of classic films to interweave the more complicated parts of his argument. He has a very interesting approach to many of the concepts we've grown to accept within our culture. Zizek is often comical as well. For instance, he compares drinking a warm Coke in the desert to the feelings we have about consumption. He also makes reference to the common ideology as a dumpster that we all eat from. Watching Zizek talk about eating from a dumpster alone is worth the run-time of the film.

Some of the films he discusses as modern day masterpieces are the likes of A Clockwork Orange, They Live, Seconds, Full Metal Jacket, and even finds social commentary in James Cameron's Titanic. His ability to see what most can't in these films gives an interpretation that may not have been gathered in any other way. Not to mention, the overall documentary has a point and it all leads to catharsis for the viewer.

Overall Slavoj Zizek is an enthralling speaker, brings up some great points about our ideology and is constantly presenting his point in an interesting way. Netflix just acquired A Pervert's Guide to Ideology so go check it out!