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A Night at the MGM Grand Casino

MGM Grand Casino
MGM Grand Casino
Janice Trimm

MGM Grand Casino and Hotel


A Night at the MGM Casino and Hotel

The MGM Grand Casino and hotel is rated 4 stars by AAA. The hotel is definitely first class. Starting with the unique and colorful entrance, the MGM Grand is a Vegas experience in the Midwest. The entrance has a large fireplace which warms the area and takes the chill off when you enter during our chilly Detroit winters.

The rooms are nicely appointed with extra amenities such as an IPOD player, a TV and phone in the bathrooms and an Honor Bar. The bedding is sumptuous and very comfortable. The room I stayed in was decorated in rich red and yellow tones as was the hallways. The room was very quiet and conducive to a good night’s rest. The room offered a great view of the downtown area including the Ambassador Bridge.

The prices are pretty steep but this venue is a nice choice for a special occasion.

Room service was excellent from Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. Breakfast was served promptly with a floral decoration.

Out on the gaming floor, there is a lot of action on Saturday nights. The smoke is a negative aspect of the experience. It is really overpowering. Smokers do not respect the non smoking area and very often you see them puffing away in an area designated as non smoking. After visiting Caesars in Windsor, this is an unpleasant downside of visiting the MGM Grand Casino. Of course if you are a smoker, you may consider it a plus.

There are lots of choices for food in the casino. In addition to Wolfgang Puck, there is Sweetwater and Bourbon Steak. The Palette is a buffet and Breezes offers hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and fish, Oriental fare and sweets as well as an Italian station.

The night spots in the Casino are equally exciting, The Ignite is very flashy and contemporary. They offer a nice selection of sushi choices. There are different themes to the night spots throughout the Casino.

If you are looking for a place with action for the holidays, the MGM fits the bill.