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"A Most Wanted Man" - a classic thriller.

A Most Wanted Man
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A Most Wanted Man - a classic thriller.


Though we rarely hear about the results of most anti-terrorism activities these days, there can be no doubt but that such activities are a large part of the work of many if not most of the world governments. Very few people want another 9/11 style attack. Depending on where you look various government agencies play a role in these anti-terrorism activities. If we are to believe the premise established in the movie “A Most Wanted Man” in Germany there are at least two government organizations charged with the task of fighting terrorism. One is a large open formal policing body. The other is a small, officially unofficial little group of security specialist who have a history of providing nearly miraculous results by shrewdly selecting key informants who provide them with critical information that often leads to shutting down various terrorist organizations within Germany before they can do harm. There is, however, much more than mere rivalries between the two groups who while arguably on the same team have vastly different techniques and procedures.

An illegal half Chechen half Russian Muslim immigrant is discovered by German authorities. The immigrant, Issa Karpov portrayed by Grigoriy Dobrygin is at first suspected possible involvement with local German Muslim terrorists groups. The smaller less official group run by Gunther Bachmann played by the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman takes control over Karpov and eventually does uncover a terrorist sympathizer. The small group has plans and ideas different from the larger police type agency. This conflict ultimately leads to a rather dramatic surprise conclusion to the movie.

All along “A Most Wanted Man” delivers a classic suspense thriller film. The acting is superb and the suspense is virtually non-stop from start to finish. The film is based on a John le Carre’ novel and a screenplay from Andrew Bovell. It is a full two hours long with most of that time delivering a well produced slice of quality movie entertainment. It is set almost entirely in Hamburg, Germany and it keeps the audience fully engaged. This independent movie was released by Lionsgate and has achieved slightly less than broad release. In addition to the stars already mentioned the film also has two time Academy Award winner Willem Dafoe as “Tommy Brue.” All in all “A Most Wanted Man” is a highly entertaining often riveting thriller well deserving of your time. Good stuff.

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