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‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ a million reasons not to see this

A Million Ways To Die In The West (movie)


Albert Stark, Seth McFarlane is sheep farmer who lives in the American West. He hates everything about the West, and constantly complains to anyone who will listen; his girlfriend, Louise, Amanda Seyfried, his best friend, Edward, Giovanni Ribisi and Ruth, Sara Silverman, Edward’s girlfriend. Stark is a coward who cannot shoot a gun, much less tend his own flock. Difficulties arise when Louise dumps Albert and he meets Anna, Charlize Theron, who tries to help him win her back.

Charlize Theron in 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'

The problem with this film is that it comes off as one very long stand-up routine, set in the west, with characters as props to move the plot along. Every other words is the F word, along with crude jokes that while on paper or delivered on a stage before a large crowd may have seemed funny, in reality are not. The difficulty is that many of these parts, (especially the main ones) are twenty-first century people dropped into the eighteenth century American West.

While the film is filled with gimmicks, we laugh because we feel obligated to rather than because the shtick is humorous. It seems the creators of this film knew this, hence the small cameo of Doc Brown, Christopher Lloyd trying to fix his Delorean. The bit is funny, but only for a moment and then the moment is gone.

The saddest part about this movie is that the best lines were in the trailer, and since so many audiences have seen the preview for this film many times over by the time you see the film, you have laughed one time too many times, and thus it leaves you for the eightieth time, tired and bored.

Films which endeavor to lampoon other time periods such as the American West need to allow their characters to be in that place and time, and yet find the humor within it without sounding like an outtake from SNL. While McFarlane has good ideas and is funny, his character was not. Similarly, having that Hollywood ending where the hero gets the girl are so trite it borders on inanity. This was one movie in which if there were a prize for lasting through it, viewers should be handed a gold medal.