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Her (movie)


In today’s culture, people are growing not dependent on technology to get through the day. In just the last ten years, smartphones and social media have come from science fiction to reality. But what if this progression didn’t stop here. What does the next decade have in store for us? With Spike Jonze’s latest film, we glimpse at a potential future where computers can have a personality all their own.

Jonze writes and directs “Her,” the story of an unlikely relationship. Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a recluse. Outside of his job ghostwriting love letters, he stumbles through his existence. When Theodore purchases a new operating system for his computer, things change. Unlike what he expected, the system quickly names itself Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and forms a close bond with him. As Samantha pulls Theodore back into the world, the two find themselves in love, giving him joy that his friends thought was long gone.

Jonze has always had a flair for the unconventional. His voice keeps the film just outside the box at all times, grounding the film in a surreal reality. Phoenix is the perfect man to show us a world of disconnect and melancholy. His performance takes Jonze’s script and builds on it. Backed by Amy Adams in a supporting role and surprisingly layered voice work by Johansson, “Her” is a film that explores love and how it can save even the most isolated individuals. Definitely a film to see and discuss at length. 4 out of 5 stars

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