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A Medium Within The Pages

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Since the beginning of time humans have been seeking answers to the future. Waves of gypsy fortune tellers moved across Europe and the Americas amazing many with their tricks of the trade, odd picture cards and large orbs of clear glass. Many hawk the ability to tell your future. Some proclaim to be Physic others proclaim to be Mediums and others just proclaim. My view on this subject has always been that this gift has been given to just a few, and I would hope they would do something profound for the human race with this special ability. After many years in the field of paranormal investigations I have met many frauds, those who claim to feel so called vibes or the what nots they think should be important to an investigation and most have been nothing more than poppycock. I am always astonished when we invite a so called physic to go on an investigation with us and they couldn't be more off the mark, I simply thank them and know to once again cross another off my list. This is a subject that I always felt needed more exploration, and if these people did exist I just wanted a moment to meet with them. I was surprised when this occurred just recently.

I love those local newspapers that arrive weekly filled with bits and pieces of local goings on about the area and I always read them seeking festivals and neat things that the larger papers delete when going to print. I started my writing career in a local paper so I collect them as I go along in shopping centers or supermarkets where they appear in abundance lining the wire racks as you exit. I have one that is delivered to my home and it is there within it's pages that I found my answers. Scanning I found an article about a gentleman who has been doing Medium Readings for Brevard County for over thirty years and had just come out with his fifth book "A Medium Within". Tearing the story from the paper I set it at my desk making a mental note to follow up and set an appointment. Those tasks of modern day life sped by and making my way to a writers group at the local library I saw he was to appear for self promotion of the book and realized two weeks have gone by and I had not yet called him. To me this must have been a sign to contact him. That afternoon I emailed him and asked to set a time for a reading and I was surprised when he got back to me quickly and we set to meet three days later.

I did my homework to make sure I was correct on the difference between a physic and a medium. Mediums are guided by those in the spirit world where as physics go on a sixth sense of some inward feeling that they might get. I have had my fill over the years of physics so meeting a Medium was exciting to me and I could hardly wait. Now I am not saying there aren't any "real" physics out there, I am just stating in my travels I have not met one and I was hoping my reading with the Medium was going to prove to be different.

Sunday came quickly and I made my way to meet with John Rogers known as The Medium Within. He was warm and welcoming and I wanted this to be all I hoped for but held no expectations. He asked no precursor questions and we made our way to his reading room. Upon entering I noticed pictures of him with John Edwards and James Van Praagh. We spoke for only a few moments as he explained what he did and how the readings worked. I was surprised to learn his spirit guide was not a long lost Indian Chief or anything that has been ancient on the other side but his teacher here on earth who's name had been Gladys. Mr. Rogers had wanted to be a priest however things had not worked out that way and although he is a Minister it seems Mediumship had been his calling. He holds classes and goes on tours and I was interested to learn he believes anyone can develop this talent. He has met with many of the greats in his field and one can tell he is happy in his journey through life. After a small chat about himself, whose questions were the ones I asked of him he set a small timer and placed it upon the table and the reading begun.

John Rogers reading was the most accurate I have ever encountered. I can not stress enough on how accurate it was! He told me things that are still happening as of yesterday! He knew I was working on two books and the exact colors I was thinking about for the covers. The person who entered the room while the reading was occurring was the exact person I had had on my mind for many years. He led me down a path in which he just read and I just listened. Everything this kind man said was spot on. It was a delight to have finally met a person in this field whom one could believe in. I think to myself now that one of my journeys may have to been to meet Mr. Rogers, and one of his journeys may have been to replace some of my faith in this field. This man had put me at ease as soon as we met and he told me things or I should say ideas that were just bumping around in my head, private thoughts never verbalized to anyone. He gave me direction via his spirit guide and I was ever so happy to have met him.

After the reading was done I told him I would like to write an article about him and my experience and he was kind enough to agree. John Rogers has written five books. He states he writes in spirit meaning his guide Gladys helps him through the process. He is most proud of his recent book "The Medium Within" and plans to promote while going up north this summer season while lecturing. He sells all of his books via his website and you can also contact him for a reading or see his schedule. I am once again a believer in those who carry this gift of a Medium and I am even thinking about some classes to develop my skills. I have thought about my views on this subject and my statement that I would hope a gift like this would be used for the betterment of mankind. Now that I have experience a true reading I believe they are helping mankind and what better way than putting someone at ease whom may have questions that no one has been able to answer.