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A Matchmaker's Story

Suitors by Valerie Trueblood


Everyone can’t afford Patti Stanger. Instead of a millionaire matchmaker, most people are left with cheap matchmakers, dating services, the internet or friends and family. Unfortunately, beggars can’t be choosers. People have to work with what they have and hope that one day the next blind date or online match will be the one they have been waiting to find.

“Suitors” by Valerie Trueblood, takes an inside look at a woman searching for love and the uncertainty that abounds whenever feelings are involved.

In “Suitors,” a young woman named Meg turns to her friend’s matchmaking service. One interesting twist in the story is that the story is told from Meg’s mother’s perspective instead of from Meg’s perspective.

Meg’s friend finds Meg three potential matches: a moody farmer, a tall street person and a borderline busboy. Each man is different from the other and each man has a role to play in Meg’s life. One man will marry her. One man will help her rediscover life. And one man will give her a place to call home.

The title of the story takes on additional meanings when the reader finds that each man is suited to help Meg deal with a particular situation. In a time when people are focused on the perfect match, it’s refreshing to read a story in which each match is perfect for a different reason.

The story somehow manages to straddle a line between being bittersweet and being a story of redemption. Each person in the story ends up where they belong even if it isn’t necessarily where they want to be.

The story is in the archives for Narrative Magazine. You have to sign up in order to read the story, but it’s free and well worth it.Read the story for yourself: Suitors. Oh, and in case you care, there’s an app for that.


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