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A Marriage Carol, by Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman,

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Just as “…one snowflake changes the construction of the drift…just one choice changes a life”


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A Marriage Carol, by Chris Fabry & Gary Chapman, Moody Publishers, 2011, 128 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0802402646, $14.99

“When do we tell the children?” asked Jacob Ebenezer, glad for the distraction of windshield wipers that cleared blinding snow from the windshield.

“After Christmas,” answered Marlee, matching Jacob’s even tone. Their twenty year anniversary, begun with the promise of a lifetime marriage twenty Christmas Eve’s ago, would now mark their divorce. Their love had grown cold and indifferent, their last issue—how to divide the property.

The journey to sign final papers felt cold and uncomfortable in the heated car. To shorten the trip, despite Marlee’s objections, Jacob turned onto County Line Road to cross the mountain into town, saying, “Trust me for once, will you?”

How could she when he’d let her down a million different ways over the years.

Marlee saw the headlights rounding the curve before Jacob did. Their car fishtailed, wildly out of control, and then slid down the bank into a clump of birch trees and buried the car’s nose in a snow bank. When Marlee awoke she couldn’t find Jacob…

In this parable, an engaging family fantasy that pays tribute to Dickens’ classicChristmas Carol, the Ebenezer’s marriage is as cold as the icy roads they travel on. After the crash Marlee comes to only to find Jacob missing. She climbs from the tangled wreckage, and trudges across snow-covered fields towards the “…warm glow of the house in the distance,” for help.

When she knocks on the red door adorned with the evergreen wreath, an old man invites her in to sit by the fire and warm up while he goes out to search of Jacob. Sitting beside the hearth Marlee notices three golden pots that “shimmer and glimmer” in the firelight’s glow. She couldn’t know then that the pots would offer her a journey of choices where Marlee would learn she held the future in her own hands, dependent on the choice she would make. “Which future would she choose?”

Just as “…one snowflake changes the construction of the drift…just one choice changes a life” in this tiny book with a big message that takes readers on a magical journey of hope. It’s a tale of relationships, unconditional love, renewal and hope with a delightful, unforgettable twist.

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