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'A Man And A Woman (1966)' Movie Review: Guarded love

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A Man And A Woman


Jean-Louis Duroc (Jean-Louis Trintignant) race car driver and father is dropping his child Antoine (Antoine Sire) off at boarding school. For him it's just another day since becoming single. Anne Gauthier (Anouk Aimee) a movie script supervisor and also a widower like Duroc is also dropping her child Francoise (Souad Amidou) off at the same boarding school.

Duroc and Gauthier allow their eyes to meet. A spark shows and then a little talk. Chit Chat at first but soon they start to talk. Unfortunately for both of them they are guarded. They don't want to get hurt. He says one thing and she another.

Eventually, they will meet and talk and play with the children. They are still guarded though and don't tell what they want to say. Now this will go on for a time, you see they don't speak in just words. They speak through actions and movements. A touch here and there is enough for both but they want more. They want the warmth of each others touch but they stay guarded and continue the game.

They let the other think that their respective spouses could still be alive. They don't walk away as most would do. They stay for the finale. They stay because they are infatuated. They stay because they are falling in love. They have baggage galore but they don't walk.

Love can be a serious endeavor. It can be something that most don't want to do because it can be so hard on the soul. What can happen can be so beautiful, so fulfilling. Love can be the joy that one looks for all their life.

Director Claude Lelouch brings two people together for a true love story. The film can say more in an action than in actual words. So this Valentines Day sit back and watch love on the screen with your love in your arms. Enjoy.