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A Magical hour indeed: Laura Mercier L'heure Magique

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Laura Mercier L'Heure Magique


Feeling like going on vacation in Paris?

Well, that probably got your attention...but not a giveaway. This is an intense review of an equally unforgettable fragrance that may be one of the best kept secrets in the beauty business. In the crowded field of fragrance, designers and fashion houses compete with celebs for coveted attention. Many scents have this sameness about them, whether very sweet and syrupy, or sharp and single note heavy. The well developed fragrance is a rare thing, like winning the perfume lottery. I am always searching for a forever fragrance, something that connects to who I am and how I would want to feel each time I wear it.

Enter Laura Mercier's L'Heure Magique...

This floral oriental blend is something of another place and time, yet speaks to the modern woman. Each time I smell this one, there is a slow beautiful travel awaiting my exit. This scent is a mental journey of grace. Wrapped initially in the well developed jasmine and bergamot top notes, these grab the heart first. The middle notes of white rose, geranium, and spice have the floral qualities that induce a feminine charm. These notes linger and hang onto the wearer, exploring the romance of L'Heure Magique., or "The Magical Hour" in French. The base notes which provide the oriental spicy subtlety are sandalwood, musk, and amber, rich warm tones that provide the nice lasting power, or sillage.

From a fragrance geek, there was no denying the talent of the Laura Mercier team of James Bell and Cecile Krakower. Buy this for a truly unforgettable scent statement. On whiff of L'Heure Magique, a fragrance memory is born. Plus, this fragrance lingers on fabric, as a hint that "I was here". After holding my softest Tahari striped shirt to my nose, I inhaled, exhaled and repeated...