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A long time ago in a forest far away there was ‘The Stream’

The Stream


There are some odd little movies that come along that don’t get a mainstream release but still offer more than you may expect. The latest, The Stream is not only a family friendly film with some familiar subject matter, but a portion of the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to support their youth development programs. While this is obviously a good cause, does the movie have anything to offer or is the only saving grace the charity it is benefiting?

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The Stream follows five friends forced on an epic adventure after a tragedy in 1981. What should be a simple journey is met with opposition from bullies, and a nasty storm that they will only be able to overcome together. As a whole this is a pretty average independent film, but the theme focusing on these kids obsession with Star Wars helps to make it all the more entertaining. Obviously it will be way more fun to the hardcore Star Wars fan, but anybody that grew up during this time period will find something that will remind them of their childhood. The kids in the film are relative unknowns, but there are cameos from Mario Lopez and Rainn Wilson who actually narrates the entire movie. The performances are all decent and reminiscent of films like Stand By Me with a family twist that makes it feel familiar yet fresh all at once. There is nothing overly original here, but does manage to be an entertaining little film that is sure to take you back to your younger days.

This is far from a perfect film and features some pretty cheesy moments and is clearly a lower budget production, but manages to work as a whole. Despite your feeling on the film it is at least helping a good cause and worth checking out for that alone, besides anything focusing on Star Wars is worth at least watching once.