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A heart revealed in Audience of One at the Mercy Seat

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Audience of One at the Mercy Seat by Elizabeth Hilby


New author Elizabeth Hilby invites readers into her heart with a study on coming closer to God and developing a one-to-one relationship with Him. Her debut book is entitled Audience of One at the Mercy Seat: A Place of Prayer and Intimacy with God. Through scripture, other texts and personal anecdotes, she shares her journey toward the goal of interacting with God on a highly personal level.

Hilby doesn’t claim to be a highly trained Bible scholar. Rather, she is a transparent seeker who is willing to reveal her ups and downs in an effort to help others experience what she has come to know as a personalized relationship with the Creator.

She states “God doesn’t call the qualified. He equips those whom He calls.” She points out examples from the Bible of untrained people doing mighty things for the Lord because of their willingness to follow His calling, and puts herself in the same category. Her willingness to follow His direction equips her far beyond her own perceived capabilities.

The book can be used as a devotional guide, Bible study or group study book. Take a look at some of the section headings: Recognize and Revere God’s Lordship; Relinquish Control; Asked and Answered; Repent and Reconnect, and The Kingdom, the Power, the Glory.

With the Lord’s Prayer and the Psalms as starting points and all of the Bible as supporting works, she walks the reader through her experiences in seeking a meaningful personal relationship with God. Her book, published by Christian publishing house, Tate, is available is both print and ebook format. At 296 pages, it’s a hefty volume, but the subject is an important one.

Audience of One at the Mercy Seat by Elizabeth Hilby

Published by Tate Publishing

ISBN-10: 1631227882

ISBN-13: 978-1631227882

Disclaimer: This review is based on a review copy provided by the author or publisher with no restrictions as to content. All opinions are my own.

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