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A healing experience

Sunburst Sunset
Sunburst Sunset
Michelle Cole

Chiropractic Care


Since the pain I recently experienced in my back was worse than it has been in awhile, I wanted to see a Chiropractor. My mother recommended a woman in Elizabeth that she had visited and really enjoyed for an adjustment of her own. She was excited to tell me about Dr. Ann Ree Chumbley and her practice, knowing my growing interest in Chakra work. In addition to Chiropractic services, she also does acupuncture and recently added a Chakra Bowl therapy: where she surrounds her patient with Chakra Bowls. I was already going to try the Chakra Bowl therapy before I had my flair up with the L5.

So I met Ann Ree for an adjustment instead of the Bowl experience.

I was pleased to see the sign out front that named the business within as a wellness center focused on the mind-body-spirit connection. Her practice is located in the lower half of her home, which is delightfully nestled amongst a large family of pines. There is a mat near the front door for you to leave your shoes upon and a sign above requesting you to do so. The instant feeling is one of being in a safe and healing environment. Soft, relaxing instrumental music was playing in her front reception area. The art displayed within is dominated by beautiful horse portraits, always a sight I delight in.

The room we retreated into for the session had a fireplace with a candle burning in it that wafted a gentle, not overpowering, scent of vanilla. I sat in a comfortable chair while she asked me the background of my injury that was prompting the visit. Then she directed me to the godsend that is a power table you walk up to, step onto a platform and the machine tilts you down with no effort or strain to a very painful spine. I wasn’t in that emergency state of pain, but I have experienced that level of pain; so I know what a relief it can be!

She began with heat and the industrial version of my little TENS unit I was prescribed years ago. In the major trouble spots I individually set the strength, telling her verbally when to stop adjusting it higher. I remember the first time you experience this, it tickles at first in a strange way and then it simply feels like heaven. Especially when combined with heat. During the fifteen minute duration of this, I mindfully breathed while focusing on connecting and releasing the emotional/energetic gunk that I’ve been collecting that is not apparently going to leave without a fight!

I will soon be sharing some recent experiences that will further explain the connection, but believe me when I say this flair was not my body simply reacting to me “over-figure-eight-ing-it”!

Once the therapy was complete Ann Ree used a massage device that covered a wide area, with the instructions that I was to let her know immediately if it became too much. By the end of that I was more relaxed than I had been in at least a week-that in itself was worth the visit!

Then the actual adjustment was upon me. I am not one who gets nervous about the actual re-aligning of bones. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Chiropractors and knowing that Ann Ree is an intuitive person I had an extra element of comfort and trust in her abilities. To be honest I’ve never understood what people mean when they recommend a Chiropractor because they “don’t CRACK you”. It seems natural to me that there is going to be some cracking when you adjust bones! When she adjusted my neck, she timed it perfectly with distracting me by requesting something completely unrelated to my neck or shoulders. When she adjusted me, I actually laughed out loud because I was so amused by how perfect her timing was!

After our session, I felt lighter, I felt straighter and I felt relaxed. I returned for a follow-up visit the following week and once again left feeling much more relaxed and comfortable than when I arrived. Soon I will be returning for the Chakra Bowl therapy; I am excited about this new experience and can’t wait to share my impressions. It really can be quite amazing how the Universe places experiences/people upon your path at just the right moment.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Ann Ree Chumbley, her practice or rates please contact her directly! I join my mother in recommending her intuitive talents for those seeking wholeness/healing through the mind/body/spirit connection. This isn’t to say she isn’t simply a wonderful Chiropractor; she is that…and much more!