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A guide for Jim Morrison Paris pilgrims

Rainer Moddemann has released a traveling guide for Jim Morrison's Paris pilgrims.
Rainer Moddeman

e-book travel guide


The anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death is fast approaching on July 3 and you may be en-route to Paris or already there, but you’ll want to download a copy of “Jim Morrison - Complete Paris Guide/Jim Morrison’s Quiet Days in Paris” and explore Jim Morrison’s Paris as soon as you get there.

The first section of this e-book “Jim Morrison - Complete Paris Guide” includes a tour of Jim Morrison’s Paris from his March - July 1971 stay that culminated in his death. The guide includes the addresses, links to Google maps, and a brief account of what Morrison did or drank there (a lot of bars and hotels make the list), as well as pictures of the locale mostly from the 90’s but some period pictures as well. I found it imminently readable, each synopsis is a quick slice of Jim Morrison history and enough to make you want to see the area in Paris and short enough so that when you arrive you can look around, get a feel for the area but won’t bog you down in details that detract from your firsthand experience.

The second half of the book is a reprint of Rainer Moddemann’s essay “Jim Morrison’s Quiet Days in Paris” which while it may be a touch dated in its opinions also includes some previously unknown information, such as, Jim Morrison was working on a rock opera while in Paris (some of his last poems such as “As I Look Back” may have been written with that in mind)! While Jim had gone to Paris to be anonymous he bumped into Americans who knew who he was, Jim was very forthcoming with them, usually hanging out with them for a day or two. I also found that Morrison’s and Pam Courson’s travels during this period were a little more extensive than I had known before.

As Moddemann points out in the text the Paris that Jim Morrison knew is quickly disappearing, old buildings are being replaced with new buildings that house American fast food restaurants (!) so if you have the chance to get to Paris to see these sites before they’re gone, do so and this is the guide you want to use.

“Jim Morrison - Complete Paris Guide/Jim Morrison’s Quiet Days in Paris” is available in Kindle edition, and is compatible with all Smartphones and tablet computers, and it is available in five different language editions including English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. “Jim Morrison - Complete Paris Guide/Jim Morrison’s Quiet Days in Paris” is written and compiled by Rainer Moddemann who has published the Doors Quarterly since the 90’s.

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