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'A Frozen World' an original graphic novel by Nick Andors

An original graphic novel
Nick Andors

A Frozen World- graphic novel


A story about an apocalyptic future gone very wrong...or is this closer to current reality than we'd like to admit?


A nicotine addict, an ambulance driver that can't let go of a lost love, and a man that can defy time. These elements tell a story that is thought provoking, and edgy, with its violent realism that seems futuristic, but reflects current times as well.

The first tale shows what extreme lengths a nicotine addict will go to for his fix. In his neighborhood, the streets are littered with corpses, and one just happens to have a cigarette in its hand! Would you light it up for a hit?

The next chapter involves a man that is more or less an ambulance driver. He's all but mute while he's on the job, and his partner berates him incessantly because of this condition. The man does speak however, but only to his wife when he gets home from work. His wife's condition is far worse than his though.

The final segment is about a man that seems to out live everyone else in this crime ridden city. The bulk of his life within these pages shows how he cared for a young girl that has some sort of affliction. The situation isn't helped by the fact that the girl's mother is a drug addict, and her father is an abusive monster. In the end, the innocent girl takes revenge, but does she go over the line or does she deal out what her tormentors had coming?


This book is an incredible look into the lives of people that exist in the here and now, although the artwork suggests a far flung future. A very violent, but sincere story is being told here, and one can't help but wonder what it was that influenced the writer. Hopefully it's more imagination than life experience.

The artwork is simplistic but effective, and resembles work from earlier days of artists just getting their start. For this type of story, that actually fits better than a polished looking style. The buildings, characters, and overall tone shouts the word 'gritty'. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that reads this graphic novel to see the authors name on bigger projects down the road.

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