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A Five Star Review for a 3 Michelin Star Chef

Movie Jiro Dreams Of Sushi


Once again I’ve been bitten by the documentary bug. I was thrilled when Netflix documentaries offered Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The story of an 85 year old master sushi chef, and a 3 Michelin Star restaurateur interacts by telling his story, introducing is family and showing his skills. With such quiet reserve, this chef is the polar opposite of Chef Gordon Ramsey and other boisterous celebrity figures that we are used to seeing on our t.v. screens. Japanese food writer Masuhiro Yamamoto., who is interviewed in much of the film says that a Chef has five characteristics of being the Perfectionist, which are:

Always serious and focused on high performance.

Looking to improve their skills every time.


Impatience, stubborn and always needing to have things their own way.

And the above combined with great passion. Yamamoto would be one who is the most adept at picking up on these traits as he is often compared to a poet with his reviews of sushi – and this writer compares Jiro’s work to that of great musical compositions – concertos and such. Certainly something that I can visualize in my mind – the ebb and flow of the lyrics and harmony that can be found outside of the symphony but just as appealing when found in the kitchen. Perfection - this is what drives him, to make the experience of the diner better than it was the last time – every time. His sushi is simple, as he says “Ultimate simplicity leads to purity “. He defines the secret of success and to being regarded honorably along two hour journey we take in watching his day to day life. At one point, you even see how he turned what could have been a negative event at the age of 70, what may stop many, even younger than that to push themselves into their career – he just refocused himself to be able to pass his skills on to his eldest son, as customary in Japanese culture.

I have to say that I’ve watched many the foodimentary the past year and this one really warmed my heart, and left me craving – the simple yet elegant hand crafted sushi, bites of pure talent, and left my soul full of inspiration.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – delicious food for thought! Make your next date night sushi and THIS movie.


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