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A family friendly way to travel

Such a vibrant and gorgeous country!
Such a vibrant and gorgeous country!
Susan E Newman

Caravan Tours


Are you looking for a family friendly way to travel? Not certain you want to take the Family, on your own, to a place like Panama, why not try Caravan Tours?( Caravan offers several different packages, but the one being reviewed in this article is the Panama Canal Cruise, Rainforests & Beaches.

Panama is fairly new to land travel, but Caravan has very well researched the Family friendly options for travel, and utilizes an air-conditioned Bus to transport you across the country allowing you to see the beautiful interior land that is inhabited by Panamanians, and enjoying many options for sightseeing, including several days of experiencing the canal “up close and personal” The overnight accommodations are clean and comfortable, all of which have access to a; pool, beach, or both!

The weather is always warm in Panama, so you can be assured that you will be kept cool, in air-conditioning, have access to cold bottled water, and time for enjoying the pools and beaches on your tour.
All meals (on this tour) are included, and all restaurants have been scoped out, to ensure food safety, and filtered water. Caravan Tours also provides transfers from Panama’s Tocumen Airport to your hotel, and back to the airport at the end of the tour.

Each day, involves yet another sightseeing tour (which are optional, but should be enjoyed), meals, time to relax, and enjoy the sights on your own. Which is what makes this tour, very Family friendly, if there is something you want to opt out of, you can, and you can enjoy your day; swimming, combing the beach for shells, or exploring the other experiences your accommodations have to offer.

You can look forward to such sights as; exploring the ruins in Panama City (quite amazing!), visiting the canal museum, experiencing the canal “up close and personal!”, visiting both Mira Flores Locks, and Gatun Locks, enjoying a boat ride, through the jungle watershed region(perhaps seeing Monkeys and Sloths), encountering the rainforest, taking a small passenger vessel through the canal allowing you close-up views of the canal and locks(very exciting!), first-hand knowledge of some of the native Indian tribes that live in Panama(one of my very favorite experiences), time to shop and purchase native crafts(so beautiful!), and most importantly enjoying the phenomenal weather!

Considering that this Tour is all inclusive, it is one of the best I have found for its price point, and is led by pleasant and knowledgeable guides, that are both kind and helpful! Once again, making this a vacation that you and your Family will enjoy and remember for years to come!