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A&E 'Longmire' My favorite moments from an excellent third TV season 2014

"Longmire" TV show on A&E 2014


The third TV season of “Longmire” (A&E) is now over & fans are waiting to see if it will be picked up for a fourth season. The TV series is based on the books written be Craig Johnson who told a newspaper that a 4th season of “Longmire” is not a problem. He didn't come out & say it has been renewed. He just believes that his books have a lot more material for the TV series.

Walt Longmire spreading ashes
A&E Television

On the official “Facebook” page of “Longmire.” They recently asked, “What were your favorite moments from the third TV season?” Below is my list of favorites.

  • In the books, Walt Longmire has a fun relationship with Ruby his secretary at the sheriff's office. The TV show writers finally gave us a moment where Ruby seriously talks to Walt about his murdered wife Martha. She asked Walt to do her a favor. If he ever finds the person who killed his wife. She wanted him to hurt them badly & he realizes that she cares for him as a good friend.

  • The Ferg” had been working hard for Walt & Vic in the sheriff's office. He gets frustrated because he is left out of the loop during the investigations. He finally tells Walt “no” & demands respect for the hard work he's been performing. He has a right to know what's going on. All that has been happening with each homicide case & seeking Martha's real killer. Walt realizes his neglect of a good employee.

  • The sexual tension between Walt & Vic had boiled under the surface all TV season. They both want to admit they care for each, but can't because of her husband Sean. That is until they both are kidnapped by an extremist group. They're beaten up, but safe when Walt challenges the extremist leader “Chance”, to a gun duel. Vic leaves her husband Sean in the car bleeding, as she runs to see if Walt survives the duel. That said it all for Sean & us the TV audience.

  • Branch was shot in the stomach by a Cheyenne Indian, David Ridges, who placed a black crow feather inside his wound. He also tainted it with peyote. All TV season, Branch has been tormented by “bad Cheyenne medicine.” It got to him in the hospital when he claimed to see David dressed as a “white warrior.” Cady Longmire visits him & he chokes her believing she to be David. She doesn't understand why? Neither does Branch who has to fight to keep his sanity while seeking out who David really is.

  • Henry Standing Bear is a desperate man because he is charged with killing the man who murdered Walt's wife in Denver. He's got to find answers & Malachi has been a thorn in his side over the “red pony” bar. Henry decides to burn down the bar that he owns & forces Malachi to admit where his friend Darius was when Martha was killed in Denver. It turns out that Darius did not have Miller Beck paid to kill Martha, because he was in another U.S. state.

  • Walt finally found out who paid Miller Beck to kill his wife Martha. He spreads his wife's ashes on a hill side. Branch and/or his father Barlow had been shot while skeet shooting. Walt hears that last shot in the distance as a brown owl lands on his front porch. Walt walks up to the owl & it doesn't move. He does not believe in any organized religion, but respects the Cheyenne tribal culture. Is this owl telling him something? He has seen it before. Is Walt so close to the Cheyenne tribe that he has become a part of their culture, their traditions & their myths? It sure looks that way.

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