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A&E cheats 'The Glades' fans out of a fifth season and answers to Who Shot Jim?

The Glades' Jim (Matt Passmore) gets shot on his wedding day.
The Glades' Jim (Matt Passmore) gets shot on his wedding day.

The Glades


Normally I would not be writing about the cancellation of a summer TV series, particularly one that was canceled almost a year ago in August. However, the consequences of the A&E Network executives’ cancellation of the "The Glades" series linger to this day. The cancellation of the four-year series after last season’s cliffhanger finale was as capricious as it was egregious and disrespectful of the show's fans.

For those who never viewed the A&E scripted series "The Glades" it was a perfect show for hot summer nights. Set in steamy South Florida, the series had the right mix of detective work, murder, mayhem and mystery. We liked and cared for the characters, happy to invite them into our homes. The show was smart, entertaining and funny.

The season finale turned into an unexpected shocker for 3.4 million viewers. We watched stunned as the show’s hero, homicide Detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore), was shot minutes before his wedding to long suffering heroine Callie (Kiele Sanchez).

Yes, yes we all know something is sure to happen when a wedding is planned as part of a season finale, but this was completely unexpected. The image of Jim bleeding on the floor, bullet holes though his chest, red blood flowing out his white shirt was the final image of the series. Knowing Callie was waiting at the church for Jim was at the forefront. “Oh, the pain”, and fade to black!

Instead of finding out "Who Shot Jim" in a season five, the fans have been completely ignored, dismissed, and cheated by A&E executives whose actions go beyond the pale. A&E’s lack of respect for fans, the cast and the writers of the show remains unforgivable.

There are two absolute in life. One is, never answer in the affirmative if a woman asks if she looks fat in her jeans. The other is, never cancel a series with a spectacular cliffhanger unresolved and 3.4 million fans left in suspension. In both instances people are hurt and they never forget.

Ironically, the way the show was canceled, most fans were unaware there wasn’t going to be a fifth season until they began looking for the series premier this summer. As expected fans have responded with shock and anger. After all, who expects a series to be axed three days after cliffhanger, particularly one with season-high ratings?

Fans of the show know "The Glades" is unlikely to resume production, however, that hasn’t stopped them from launching their own Facebook page and petitions to bring back the show.

At the very least, fans of the show should be given the respect they deserve with a two hour special to complete the "Who Shot Jim" mystery. A&E, are you listening?