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A disappointing two forks down for this summer's dineLARestaurant Week

The menu at Cafe Bizou is worth going for
The menu at Cafe Bizou is worth going forRichard Pietschmann



This is the first ever dineLARestaurant Week that disappointed us (Richard and the Diva). After checking out many of the participating restaurants and their menus we were discouraged to see that many had downsized offerings with cheaper entrees and extra charges for dessert or dishes normally included. The normal offering for the foodie feast is three courses that cost

We actually canceled a few reservations after studying the menus and realizing it didn’t cost that much less to go now than it does normally and the offerings weren’t to our liking anyway. Today we swallowed our pride and went to a Los Feliz restaurant where the dineLA menu had two courses for $15 and dessert and a few other dishes cost extra (all in fine print). The $25 dineLA dinner menu at Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks is well worth sampling plus they only charge $2 corkage if you bring your own wine (which we did).

One of our favoite spots is charging $25 for the three course menu plus $8 if you choose the lobster bisque and paella. Another pricy place offer a humdrum lunch menu for $25, charged $12 if you picked halibut and served melon for dessert. Melon. We decided to leave these establishments nameless but you can check out the menu at dineLARestaurantWeek.

Of course there were some restaurants offering worthwhile, tasty-sounding menus but alot of the ones we wanted to sampled seemed to be cutting back. Don’t they understand that this is a promotional opportunity to get more people to sample the cuisine of their chefs and spread the word. That’s what it’s all about here folks. It’s a shame as we always looked forward to sampling expensive new restaurants during this event so we could decide if they were worth the price to go back during normal times.

The event ends on July 26, 2014. If you decide to try it out be sure to read the menus posted on line and look for the fine print where it shows extra fees. Just so you don’t have tab shock at the end of your meal.

dineLARestaurant week menus range from $15 to $25 for lunch and dinner for $25 to $45 depending on the restaurant and usually for three courses although some have sliced it to two.