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A different Digiorno Design a Pizza Kit

Digiorno Design a Pizza Kit


My previous post was about the first Digiorno Design a Pizza Kit we ate. So I wanted to leave it awhile before posting about another one.

The second one was chicken, green peppers & red onions with Pepperoni.

I prepared it similarly to the other pizza, and this time the only difference was chicken, instead of sausage. The chicken looked like white meat, and was in nice size chunks.

I made 2 slices with the chicken, and left the onion off of Len's slice. I then made up the rest of the pizza with the rest of the ingredients.

The first pizza was slightly overcooked, so this one I baked for 18 minutes, instead of the 20-22 minutes, in the middle of the oven, straight on the shelf. This was much better, although the underneath still looked dark to me. The pizza was easier to eat, as it was softer than the first one. My husband always eats his with a knife and fork, but I pick mine up, and bite into it. The chicken didn't get dry, which I thought it might, so was really happy about that.

The taste of the pizza overall was really good, and for less than $10, I enjoyed it. Len wasn't as keen as me, but he only likes a certain one, from a restaurant we go to. I probably would buy an already cooked pizza if we were going to eat it, rather than spend the time making it, and the electricity in cooking it.

I think this is a fun thing to do if you have children. They can make their own slices, and put their favorite ingredients on it. You could even add anything else they might like, if you have it available. I know that they would love doing it.